[140517] According to a private conversation leaked between the admins of Kris Bar (a large Weibo fansite), Kris’ “new company” had let them know of the lawsuit before the media had even reported it so they could trend the hashtag “Welcome Home Yifan” and sway public opinion in his favor.
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Kris fans released the members’ phone numbers among themselves and called to harass them. This is a call to Tao.
Tao: Can you stop calling me? Ok? 
Fan: /Silence/
Tao: If you call, talk!
Fan: Watch what you say.
Tao: What?
Fan: I said, don’t go overboard with what you say.
Tao: What does it have to do with you?
Fan: What did you say?
Tao: What does it have to do with you?
Luhan: /Cuts in/ Please just don’t call anymore, thank you.
*Hangs up*

I felt the need show this to international fans, many of whom seem to still have no idea what the 11 of them are going through. Malicious attacks, internet slander, personal threats, and even direct phone calls telling them to watch their backs. 

小贱人, 死不要脸

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Current Trending Topic on Sina Weibo:

#always be together with Wu Yifan#

#strongest backstabbing team-mate, Qingdao Mr Huang white-eyed-wolf#

*white eyed wolf is a common chinese curse for someone who backstabs*

- Please take note that whilst the second hash-tag is on Weibo Hot Topic, there has only been a few hundred weibo posts discussing it. This is no where near enough for his hashtag to be so high up. (Normally require at least 50,000 weibo posts to make it onto the trending topics) 

- This suggests that Sina Weibo is controlled by Kris’ New backing company. There are no other reasons why such a small topic can reach so high in the trending topics. They want to lower the public’s view of the Exo members.

- btw for the people suggesting this is done by SM. Are you fucking stupid. Why would SM trend a negative topic about their own idols? Also where is SM going to get the resources to do this in China? They are a Korean company. 

God Bless. Please support the 11 Exo member

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i remember during wolf era the guys used to play, sing and dance on the stage all together after winning at M!Countdown, now that i see one single leader receiving the award i feel so empty idk what to think anymore

yea omg

how did this


turn to this


im just WOW


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xiumin wanted to hide in this store but then realized it’s a female underwear store

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oshzt // oshzt
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key teasing taemin’s hair smell

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Kyungsoo didn’t know his mic was under his seat so he was using Kris’ mic…until Kris told him where it was ^^

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